Buyfood will strictly select and package every product out of the warehouse to ensure product quality.


Return and exchange principles : 

If the return is due to our reasons or the quality of the product itself, we will refund the full amount of your product and the corresponding freight. The product will not be returned without quality problems.


If the quality problem is caused by the customer's personal reasons or improper storage, it will not be returned. For example, an incorrect address.

The after-sales service is valid for 12 hours after the goods are delivered to the destination. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


The amount paid by the coupon cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be refunded.

Some product pictures are non-real shot pictures for reference only, the products will prevail in kind. Problems such as shooting lights and different monitor color differences may cause a certain color difference between the product picture and the actual product, which is not a quality problem.

Due to the influence of seasons, climate and other factors on fruits and vegetables, slight differences between different batches are normal.

Food will not be returned without quality problems.


Thank you for being a registered user of Buyfood. 

This agreement has contractual effects and you should read and abide by this agreement. Please read carefully and fully understand the content of each clause. By using this website, you indicate that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and privacy policies, and agree to be bound by them. We may update or modify these terms.

Please check these terms regularly for changes. Your continued use of the changed terms indicates that you accept these changes. Buyfood reserves the right to decide whether to accept customer registration.

Customers are responsible for every action they perform while logged in. Buyfood will depend on the product, quantity, shipping address and contact information of the customer's order. If the order information is incorrect, please contact Buyfood customers as soon as possible to modify. Due to out-of-stock issues, buyfood will notify customers as soon as possible and refund the corresponding product price.


Product prices will be displayed in New Zealand currency, and product prices include GST and other sales taxes. Buyfood reserves the right to decide whether to accept the order. If the delivery address of the customer's order exceeds Buyfood's delivery scope, Buyfood will notify the canceled customer as soon as possible and the customer will receive a refund of the value of the order.


We hope to provide our customers with the best service through unremitting efforts.



  • When you apply, you need to upload a photo of the order item to help process your application.


  • Please provide your order number, reason for return and exchange, return and exchange requirements, and refund account. For the refunds generated, we will only refund the amount you paid. Credits, coupons, etc. will not be returned.


  • For products that meet the return and exchange requirements, our customer service staff will accept the return and exchange business.


  • If the replacement conditions are met, we will exchange the items according to your requirements.


  • If a refund occurs, we will process the refund for you within 2 working days after the return is complete. Refunds will be returned as originally paid. The amount paid by discount card cannot be exchanged for cash, and no refund can be processed.


Buyfood is the owner and operator of buyfood.co.nz (website). We take your personal privacy very seriously, and sometimes we need certain information to provide you with the services you request. This privacy statement and disclaimer explains how Buyfood.co.nz collect, uses, and protects your information. This privacy statement applies to all health care related services. With the expansion of health care services, the content of the privacy statement can be updated by food health at any time without notice. The updated privacy statement will effectively replace the original privacy statement once it is posted on the website.



Collect information


Buyfood.co.nz collects your information through the following channels:


  • When you visit the website or visit Buyfood.co.nz through other website links


  • When registering and buying at Buyfood.co.nz


  • When participating in promotions, consumer surveys and questionnaires


  • Contact us, for example, via online customer service, email, phone or WeChat





Use your information


Your personal information is collected in order for Buyfood.co.nz to better understand your needs. We use your information:


  • Manage and improve the website


  • Manage and maintain your personal account


  • Keep you informed of important updates and services on your website


  • Understand your shopping behavior to improve our product quality and service level


  • For promotions, user surveys and questionnaires


  • Check and verify your identity to prevent or detect crime. When checking your personal information, your credit card payment information will be detected, but it is not a credit balance inquiry and will not affect your account.



We do not provide your personal information to other companies to keep your information secure.








Markets and surveys


With your permission, we may contact you:


  • Provide product and service promotions


  • Conduct surveys to improve our services


Of course, you can choose not to accept it, but you will miss our promotional information.


You can visit the "My Account" "Subscription Offer" page and choose whether you accept the promotion.


We would love to hear from you to help us improve our services. We may contact you for your valuable feedback.